Castleton Lantern Slide Number 24

These men served during the First World War and we think they are listed on the Castleton Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour.  They were featured in a lantern slide exhibition shown to the Castleton Congregation in December 1918.  Do you recognise one of them?  Might one of them be a relation?  Maybe you recognise a uniform, or one of them looks like your dad?  Was he from the York Road area of Belfast?  Let us know in the comments below if you have any clues or hints to who they might be.

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4 Responses to Castleton Lantern Slide Number 24

  1. Billy Ervine says:

    One avenue you might explore is the Belfast Evening Telegraph. This paper published hundreds of photographs of Ulstermen who had either been killed, wounded or missing throughout the war. I know, having seen many of the photos, that there are a great many in naval uniform. These papers were held by the Linen Hall & Central Libraries. I don’t know if they are still available but it would be worthwhile asking. It would be a tedious task comparing the photos but if you even got one match it would all have been worth while.

    • Castleton Lanterns says:

      Hi Billy

      I have been lucky to link up with a man called Nigel from who has been working on collecting all these newspaper photos over the past while. With his research we have been able to identify some of the men. I’ll be posting up some of the information we have found soon, along with the matching newspaper images. There are some which are possible matches but the grainy newspaper pictures are difficult to match in some cases.

      Thanks for your interest in the project and for your great advice.


  2. Tom says:

    May be clutching at straws but the soldier on the left is facially very like the McCune family from the Deacon St area.

    • Castleton Lanterns says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for your input! No such thing as straws. All information provided is a lead. There isn’t a man named McCune on the Roll of Honour for Castleton but that’s not to say he’s not in the slides. Do you know any of the McCune family? Maybe they would have old family photos? Thanks Karen

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