Lantern Slide Number 69

These men served during the First World War and we think all of them are listed on the Castleton Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour.  They were featured in a lantern slide exhibition shown to the Castleton Congregation in December 1918.  Do you recognise any of these men?  Might one of them be a relation?  Maybe you recognise the uniforms, or one of them looks like your dad?  Was he from the York Road area of Belfast?  Let us know in the comments below if you have any clues or hints to who they might be.

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2 Responses to Lantern Slide Number 69

  1. Jim Galloway says:

    Slide 69 – Soldier on the left is a Royal Artillery soldier wearing “walking out” dress, interestingly on his arm he wears the “Prize battery” emblem – crossed guns with a crown above. This indicates that his whole Battery was awarded this prize – usually for accurate shooting with the artillery pieces. His collar badges are the flaming grenade of the Regiment a seven flamed grenade with the word UBIQUE underneath (meaning Everywhere), and his cap is on the table with the Royal Artillery badge clearly seen.
    I would date this photograph as pre-1914, and he is a Regular soldier, not a Territorial or New Army.
    Hopefully this can narrow the search for his identity a wee bit?


  2. Castleton Lanterns says:

    Jim, Great to meet you today. Glad I stopped to look at the prisoners! Thanks for this info.

    I have a lot of names with unknown regiments but the four definite Castleton soldiers in Artillery are: Robert Craig (Gunner, Royal Field Artillery), William John Dunlop (possibly Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery), Samuel John Paisley McClure (Gunner, Royal Field Artillery) and Richard Hall Murdough (B.H Italy, Royal Horse Artillery).

    With the help of friends I have eight slides featuring Royal Field Artillery men (#2 LHS, #11 LHS, #13, #26 RHS, #28, #45 LHS, #49 LHS , #63 LHS). Another possible RFA man is #56 although he could be Royal Horse Artillery. I have a possible Royal Artillery man on #16 RHS and a Royal Marines Artillery man on #35 LHS (main image).

    All in all, I know that there are more slides of Artillery men than I have definite names for! Needle in a haystack…

    Just thinking you may want to have a look at the slides on Flickr, it’s easier to flick through them there


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