James Magill Lantern Slide Number 73

IDENTIFIED: The man on the left hand side of the slide is James Magill.

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lantern slide 73 copyrighted

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2 Responses to James Magill Lantern Slide Number 73

  1. Carolyn Fullerton( nee McCormick) says:

    The person on the left was my uncle James Magill I dont know if I have any photos of his war years but am very interested in the project I certainly will be attending the exhibition

  2. Castleton Lanterns says:

    Hi Carolyn
    Thanks for getting in touch! Delighted that you are related to James Magill. He wrote a letter to the mother of James McCann to let her know that James had be given a proper burial. I’m sure you saw that in the Belfast Telegraph. You can see the details here: http://castletonlanterns.co.uk/francis-mccann-james-mccann-and-james-magill-royal-inniskilling-fusiliers/

    If you can make it along to the exhibition launch on Thursday night I’d be delighted to meet you. I know that the family of James McCann are also coming and I’m sure they would be interested in meeting you!

    The launch is at Red Barn Gallery, Rosemary Street, Belfast from 6pm – 9pm this Thursday.

    Any chance you have any photos of James (not necessarily war years) or any stories you could tell me? My email is karen@castletonlanterns.co.uk if you would like to email me.

    Thanks again

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