Lantern Slide Number 9

This man served during the First World War and is listed on the Castleton Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour.  He was featured in a lantern slide exhibition shown to the Castleton Congregation in December 1918.  Do you recognise this man?  Might he be a relation?  Maybe you recognise his uniform, or he looks like your dad?  Was he from the York Road area of Belfast?  Let us know in the comments below if you have any clues or hints to who he is.

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6 Responses to Lantern Slide Number 9

  1. The lanyard on the left shoulder is usually held to imply mounted troops of some sort (this can include RFA and ASC as well as cavalry). He seems to have a single stripe on his right sleeve, so lance corporal (lance/acting) bombardier

  2. Thanks for your input. That’s very interesting. On looking at the roll of honour I can see only two men who are noted as being ASC and only one RFA. However I have not confirmed which company all the men listed were attached to. This will help to whittle them down. Much appreciated.

  3. Chris says:

    The Lanyard is also on members of the military band – looks the same as my great uncle’s uniform where he is pictured holding a tuba. He was Royal Irish Rifles.

  4. Castleton Lanterns says:

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your comment. I will keep this is mind 🙂

  5. David McKee says:

    This is my Great Grandfather, James McKee.He served with the Royal Irish Rifles and was a member of the military band.He survived the war and later served with the RUC (1923-1940).

  6. Castleton Lanterns says:

    Hi David
    Thanks for the comment. Delighted you have identified one of the men! Would you have a photo of him to confirm and any other information? I will send you anything I have found also. My email is
    Karen 🙂

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